Behavioural trainings in the working sphere

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Possible trainingaims

  • More capability
  • Building trust
  • Recognizing your own ressources and using these more purposefully
  • Knowing your own role in a team
  • Recognizing conflicts and solving them
  • Giving feedback in an honest, appreciative and constructive way
  • Overcoming cultural differences
  • Opening the ommunication-channels
  • Making responsible decisions
  • Advancing your responsability

“Success is a matter of adjusting one's abilities to a service needed by others” (Henry Ford)

Who doesn`t want to be successful? At work, you always have to deal with other people. To be successful, you need good cooperation. To achieve this, it is important to develop your own specific skills. It is of course possible to do certain trainings with you entire team. Don`t hesitate to ask for your personal possibilities! 

Possible themes:
- Communication
- Feedback
- Stresscontrol
- Conflictmanagement
- Teamroles by Belbin: what role do you have?
- Cooperation
- Social skills
- Presentation 

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